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Stock Tank Heaters | Bucket Heaters

We've got a large variety of options when selecting the best stock tank heater or bucket heater for your farm or ranch. You can find a stock tank heater in floating, submersible or drain plug styles. Our bucket heater options include styles that have the heating unit physically inside the bucket. Perhaps a better option would be the bucket heater with all the elements under the bucket and out of sight. Here's some great information from the manufacturer regarding questions people typically ask.

If you're curious about a floating heater ever sinking, it can happen if there is significant additional weight on the unit, cord or cast housing. This typically happens with lime build up. You can clean your heating elements with white vinegar and water, Lime-Away or CLR. The manufacturer recommends periodically cleaning your unit during the winter months for optimum performance.

For the convenience, your stock tank heater, bucket heater and pond heater styles will turn on and off automatically. The unit will turn on when the temperature around the heating element is at 35F and will turn off when the water temperature in the specific application is at 45F (at -10F outside temperature). Continue reading below for more useful information.
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Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet Floating Stock Tank De-Icer Submersible Tank Heater
Submergible Bucket De-Icer Drain Plug De-Icer Flat Back Heated Bucket
Floating Tank De-Icer Multi-Purpose Utility Water De-Icer Heated Chicken Waterer
Heated Base For Chicken Fountains Heated Bird Bath Submergible Heater for Buckets
Koi Pond Heater Submersible Tank De-Icer
If you just purchased your unit and it does not turn on when you plug it in, the warm ambient temperature of the retail store may be preventing it from turning on. Once it has been in cold enough temperatures long enough to re-set the thermostat to the "on" position, it will work (on at 35F and off at 45F.

Using an extension cord may hinder the performance of your unit. Connecting it to an extension cord over a long distance will result in fewer volts and less power.

If your stock tank heater, bucket heater or other units are not thawing properly, there may be numerous factors involved. The typical causes include placement of the de-icer (wind factor), outside ambient air temperature far below sub-zero, high wind chill factor, volume of water, wrong wattage purchased for the application and the use of long extension cords. Completing the "Air Test" should eliminate your concern.