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Pecan Cracking Service



Our pecan cracking service is a holiday season favorite.

We'll crack your pecans for .45 per pound with a 10lb minimum. 

If you have less than 10lbs of pecans, the minimum charge is $4.50 whether you have 1lb or 9lbs.

Product Code: LABORP

Important Notes About Pecan Cracking:
  • We only crack pecans. They are not blown clean.
  • To make sure your pecans are thoroughly cracked, do not mix varieties and/or sizes. The more uniform the size, the better the cracking. See below for explanation.
  • How long it takes to crack your pecans depends on how many you have and how many customers are using our service. We crack pecans on a first come, first served basis. Most people leave their pecans with us and we'll call you when they're ready for pick up.
  • We sell whole and cracked pecans at the store. Some pecans may be more dry than others depending on whether it was a dry or wet season or whether the pecan trees were irrigated or not.


We'll take your pecans and load them into the hopper of our cracking machines. It might not look too pretty, but this Pecans In Hoppercracker has been in the family a long time and it still works like a mule.

When you come to the store and drop off your pecans, you'll hear the motors running and the loud "POP" of cracking pecans!

These machines are really something to see.Pecans Loading Into Cracker

The system works like a "conveyor ladder."

It neatly plucks each pecan out of the batch and drops it into a cracking chamber.

You're about to see why its so important to avoid mixing varieties or sizes of nuts if you can.

You'll notice that not all of the pecans are thoroughly cracked.

Some are more cracked than others because they are different sizes.

We used a high speed camera to shoot this closeup picture of a pecan being hit in the cracking chamber.

Pecan Being CrackedThe cracking pressure is manually set according to the size of the pecans. If you have large and small pecans mixed in a batch, the quality of cracking results may vary.

For example, if the pressure is set to crack a small pecan and a large pecan enters the chamber, the large pecan may get cracked to smithereens.

On the other hand, if the cracking die are set for large pecans and a small one enters the chamber it may not be cracked as much or it may not get cracked at all. As the saying goes, "it's not an exact science."Finished Pecans Ready For Pick Up

As the nuts and chaff are cleared from the chamber, they fall into a container. You are welcome to wait while your pecans are cracked.

Or like most people, you can leave your pecans with us and we'll call you when they are finished.

We are located at 7200 S. Sooner (just north of I-240 and Sooner) in Oklahoma City. Our number is 405-741-4400.

We hope to see you soon!