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Gallagher Fencing Supplies

Gallagher Fencing

Gallagher fencing is an industry leader in animal and livestock management systems. This fencing technology is developed in New Zealand - recognized around the world for rotational grazing management. We can deliver fencing and materials anywhere in Oklahoma. If you don't see the fencing supplies you need, give us a call at 405-741-4400 and we'll see if we can get it for you.

Below we have included a few brief guides to help explain some of the more common questions regarding electric fencing.

Why Electric Fencing?

Choosing a Gallagher Fencing Charger

Fencing Wire & Tape Options

Frequently Asked Questions
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Gallagher Electric Fence and Polywire Tensioner Gallagher Electric Fence HD Treadin Portable Fence Post Gallagher Electric Fence Warning Sign
Gallagher 12" Offset with Pinlock Insulator Gallagher Ground Rod Clamp Gallagher Porcelain Doughnut Insulator
Gallagher Hi-Strain Clip-Lock Strainer Gallagher Electric Fence Gate Handle Gallagher Super Strain Insulator
Gallagher Split Bolt Wire Connector 5PK Gallagher Super Strain Insulator Termination Kit Gallagher Multi-Purpose Insulator
Gallagher Wheel Tightener Handle Gallagher XL Aluminum Electric Fence Wire - 17ga - 250' Gallagher Screw-on Rod Insulator
Gallagher 6' Galvanized Ground Rod Gallagher EquiFence Joiner 3PK Gallagher L-Shape Joint Clamp with Wing Nut - 10pk
Gallagher Universal 5" Offset Insulator Gallagher 3' T-Handle Ground Rod Gallagher Cut-Off Switch
Gallagher In-Line Strainer Handle Gallagher Permanent Wire Fence Strainer Gallagher High Tensile Wire Cutter
Gallagher 12.5 Gauge Underground Cable - 65' Gallagher Lightning Diverter Gallagher Econo Reel
Gallagher Battery - 6 Volt 7 Amp For S15 and S17 Charger Gallagher Poly Wire Combo Roll 1320' + Bonus 300' Gallagher Load Tester