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Electric Fence Chargers

Our selection of electric fence chargers are among the best performing and reliable chargers made today by the most reputable companies in the business. We've tried to offer a range of electric fence chargers that will meet your needs from managing small pets and animals to cattle and horse management systems.

No matter what fence charger you buy, be sure you've using proper wire or tape for your management goals and MAKE SURE your systems are properly grounded. Our Gallagher fencing department has some excellent information on it that can help you make decisions about using your fencing products properly.
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Fi Shock 110V Fence Charger Gallagher Battery - 6 Volt 7 Amp For S15 and S17 Charger Gallagher Yardmaster 110v Fence Charger
Gallagher 12 Volt 12 Amp S50 Charger Battery Gallagher Rustler 110v Electric Fence Charger Parmak Mag12 12 Volt Charger
Parmak 110-120 Volt Fieldmaster 2 Gallagher Wrangler Electric Fence Charger Parmak Mark 8 Fence Charger
Parmak 6 Volt Solar Pak Fence Charger Gallagher S17 Solar Fence Charger Parmak Mag12 12 Volt Solar Charger
Gallagher PowerPlus M600 110v Electric Fence Charger Gallagher S50 PowerPlus Solar Electric Fence Charger Gallagher PowerPlus M1000 110v Electric Fence Charger