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Deer Food Plot Feed and Seed

Manage your food plot for deer and other wildlife with these easy-to-use attractants, supplements, seeds and maintenance feeds. Here's a few suggestions for establishing and maintaining a deer food plot or plot for other wildlife including hogs and turkeys.

DEER AND WILDLIFE BLOCK: Can be used year round or seasonally depending on Deer Feedingblock content and your goals. You may use Purina's Quick Draw to attract and hold deer in the fall. On the other hand you might use Trophy Rock year round due to the volume of trace minerals that help maintain healthy deer populations.

ANTLERMAX: Depending upon feed content, Antlermax can be fed at different times throughout the year. Your deer herd's life cycle will dictate what you feed including times of rut, antler growth etc.

Turkeys FeedingGRASS AND VEGETABLE SEED: Where you live will influence what you grow in your food plot. Here in Oklahoma we use a lot of wheat and rye. Alfalfa and clover are in a lot of mixes too. These make great fall/winter deer plot forages that give deer a consistent source of food when the weather turns cold. Turnips and peas are a deer favorite (and other wildlife too). Turnip tops can be eaten in the fall and the globes can be dug up in the winter.

IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT: Contact us 405-741-4400 or 800-234-1014 since we don't have all of our products on-line. There's a good chance we can order what you need and if you want pallets of product, we can give you a freight quote to get the product to you.
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